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Grow-Develop-Inspire are the key words that drive Green Key and what we do. Our mission is to “unlock” potential through inspiring individuals and teams to exceed expectations whilst achieving personal and company goals.

Our approach is built on a strong foundation of wellbeing through effective leadership, empowerment and trust which we believe are essential to achieving sustainable growth, productivity and long-term profitability. Solutions result in nurturing people, to nurture your business and unlock potential of both individuals and teams.

Learning and development is executed through in-room training, blended solutions including virtual classroom, webinars and e-learning. Our courses are custom built to meet your organisational needs and goals. E-learning solutions are both custom built and off the shelf.

Areas of specialisation include Corporate Health and Wellbeing, Leadership, Management skills, Communication and Customer Excellence.

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Some would say I am lucky to spend the weekend in London, enjoying the sights, the sounds, the crowds, yes crowds, art, architecture, gardens and views just to name a few things.  Sadly, I was in London for none of these reasons.  But that aside, since the return to so-called normal life, I am astounded at what has happened to customer service, the importance of the customer and all things customer related?