Training and DevelopmentTraining and Development

Green Key builds business advantage through unlocking inner potential in individuals, groups and teams. We tailor make and align our solutions to your unique business objectives and focus on achieving measurable results through innovative and proven learning practices whether eLearning, online or in the classroom.  The main areas of specialisation include Workplace Wellbeing, Leadership Development and Management Skills, Communication, and Customer Excellence.  

Content is custom built and learning can be in classroom, through virtual and blended learning solutions, as well as off-the-shelf and custom built eLearning courses.

Wellbeing in the Workplace - Healthy, happy employees achieve greater productivity, experience less absenteeism and are more loyal.  These factors combined result in greater profitability.   Six eLearning modules of approximately 20 minutes each include, "Maximising Energy, Stress in My Stride, Me and My Values and The Art of Self Empowerment, Brain Health-Mental Agility and Immune Health Naturally."   Access a 3 minute video here 

Leadership - An art that is specific and unique to each individual.  Awareness of the impact your leaders are having is vital to individual and team performance that can either make or break goal achievement. 

Management Skills - Management is about "getting the job done through others" and includes skills such as effective listening and communication, delegation, coaching, problem solving and decision-making as well as performance feedback.

Customer Excellence - Loyal customers are essential to your business.  Customer excellence is dependent on empowered team members who are confident and enthusiastic and who take full responsibility for every individual customer interaction.  Excellent customer service is an investment that leads to longevity and profitability.

Communication Skills - The ability to listen, to respond with emotional intelligence as well as speak with confidence and assertion when writing, on the phone and in person are critical to building relations, to the foundation of teamwork,  a positive reputation and a fun place in which to work.

Organizational Productivity & Wellbeing - Goals of the Program

Delivered with Lyndsey Segal Lyndsey Segal Heads-up Coaching Business Coach Brighton hove Sussex (

  • Explore and understand your relationship with time and how it can best support your productivity and wellbeing
  • Learn tools, techniques, and strategies to maximize your energy and productivity
  • Create work and lifestyle habits that build resilience and promote productivity, positive mental and physical health
  • Develop a productive, healthy, and fun work/life integration

The Impact of Menopause on Performance - Goals of the Program

Designed & delivered with Michelle Fanus-St Hill (

  • To educate Leaders around the impact of menopause on organizational productivity
  • To understand what menopause is and how it affects women 
  • To equip women with the lifestyle tools to managing menopause effectively 
  • To empower leaders and women to have open conversations around the impact of menopause on performance
  • To know how to support women effectively during peri and menopausal years

Keeping your Work Place Healthy - Immune Support - Goals of the Program

  • Identifying what strengthens and what weakens the immune system
  • Identifying actions you can take, including lifestyle to support a healthy immune
  • Understand what measures you can take to support your immune system and protect personal health