Partners and clients

"The four sessions were very useful and powerful during this difficult time with Covid-19.  Rachel provided a lot of different insights, techniques and tools on how to save and increase energy, self-motivation and self-empowerment.  We learned more about ourselves, our own resources and potential. It has helped us to operate more efficiently as a team, be more attentive to our own needs as well as the problems of direct team members.  Rachel made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away.  Great opportunity to improve aspects of communication that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked."

Kate Fetkulina

"I really enjoyed the e-learning module "The Art of Self-empowerment."  The structure and content really helped to “reboot” and recharge me.  The organisation of the module is very user-friendly, interesting and simple to understand.  I also enjoyed the inspirational quotes in the module from different people."

Ekaterina Oskolkova

"Rachel,  Let me use this chance to thank you, because you helped me to grow professionally and gain a lot of useful experience! I really appreciate it."

Tatiana Minaeva

"As a software engineer at Motorola, and later as a Software Manager at Sun Microsystems/Oracle I've been working with many trainers since 2000, and Rachel is the best trainer I ever saw in my life. I've been sending my team many times to her trainings, as well as attending myself, and every training resulted in boosted motivation for everybody."

Evgeny Yavits

"Rachel's projects as a trainer and a consultant for many of national and international key accounts on the Russian market and internationally are a continuous success story."

Marina Mauri