The importance of inner balance in effective leadership

At this time of year many of us try to be the archetypal model of a swan, gracefully gliding over the surface whilst paddling like fury under the water line trying to get everything done both in the work environment and at home!  I can relate to this, especially with so many events that come one after another.

Above the surface we may seem calm and our leadership style appears in control, but minds are racing as we try to make sure that everything is in place to ensure we can enjoy the few days off from our place of work over this festive period, whilst at the same time multi or triple tasking to do all the things for the family to make the time together special.  As minds are on 'organisational alert,' we risk asking the retrospective question of 'was it worth it?'  We ask this because our minds weren't there to enjoy it ... they were on other things!  In all of this we know that this isn't the real 'mature' or most effective way to live, to enjoy this season and to enjoy life as a whole.

What should we do to avoid this trap of frenzied living?

There are other levels in life, from deep spiritual to intense physical times.  Often these happen unexpectedly and in these times we can and do experience deep joy, a sense of perspective, a sense of peace and calm.  Frequently these times of true living are missed. When I think of life and how easy it is to fall into the 'swan' model, I know there is more.  There are other levels to know and live a fuller life.  I am not saying that we should 'down tools' and not work hard towards the good things we want for ourselves and others.  To me it is all about 'multi-level living as opposed to triple tasking!'  Seeing clearly what is important and working with commitment and in full presence.

In the coming year I hope to be 'swan-like' as I do my part to organise and put into place all resolutions, goals, events etc. I wish everyone a level of spiritual calm that puts things into perspective showing us what is and is not important, a resource that gives a deeper sense than that of frenzied paddling, leading to a sense of balance, bringing about refreshing leadership, clear decision making and a fun place to be as well as a fun person to be with.

Wishing everyone joy whilst celebrating this special festive season and inner calm to ensuring effective and fun self leadership and leadership of others in 2018.  May all your goals and resolutions be achieved with ease.


Many thanks to Richard Battersby for the idea and inspiration for this blog

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