Case studies

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Mr L works for a large international organisation based in central London.  His position within the company reports into director level and he frequently has direct access to the President of the company.  The responsibility within his job role is huge financially as it is at his discretion to stop contracts going ahead if risk appears too great, the project will not achieve required profitability or parameters are unclear for some reason.  His position is highly pressurized.  In many situations he is torn between the “devil and the deep blue sea” between interested parties and the decisions that have to be made.

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The client, a large multinational FMCG business, offers 24-hour IT support through a service portal that is accessible to its employees. The support service addresses all IT issues that occur during the working day via three hubs located across three time zones. The staff deals with a range of hardware and software technical issues as well as system specific questions relating to SAP, the company’s chosen ERP system. I was contracted to the main hub where there are approximately 40 support staff and 10 managers all reporting to its director.