Do You Need an Attitude Shift?

As Simon Tyler says “attitude is a choice you just keep choosing”. 

Attitude affects everything that we do.  The attitude you have chosen right now may not be serving you in the situation that you are in, or indeed the situation you are about to go into. I am a great believer in creating the right attitude for each situation to generate positive energy for all involved, including oneself. Interacting with different people every day through the many communication channels means that we have the power to affect our connection at each moment of truth, to the other person.

It is our attitude that determines how much we can affect them and how much they in turn can infiltrate and affect us, either positively or negatively. Being aware of the affect that others have on your attitude gives you the ability to become more deliberate in setting your own attitude and more resilient to the attitude of others, by consciously choosing a positive response.

Our attitude impacts more than we realise. Not only can it affect those around us, but it can also hinder our chances for success. Shifting your attitude is possible. Read how and why an attitude shift might be the perfect solution! #positiveattitude #attitudeiseverythingHow do leaders impact the attitude of team members? 

By nature of leadership, the role of a leader is to “inspire others to want to do the job”. Clearly inspiration of others cannot be done through a negative attitude. Can we honestly put hand on heart and openly say that we do aim to affect others positively in every interaction with employees, peers and colleagues? 

How do you correct attitude when one of your subordinates is just not performing and his or her behaviour is potentially causing an attitude shift in yourself toward that person? 

There is a danger that this attitude shift will infect your thinking and consequently the approach that you choose to discussing the possible reasons behind the current level of performance, and to changing that performance to something more desirable.

Dealing with a negative attitude

What can you do to change a creeping negative infiltration of your attitude, whatever the reason for this might be? 

Be grateful and be thankful for all the positive things that exist in your life including, the individual’s performance before this change, performance of others, thankful and grateful clients, the sun, other relationships in your life, nature, friendships and so on. 

The power of gratitudeOur attitude impacts more than we realise. Not only can it affect those around us, but it can also hinder our chances for success. Shifting your attitude is possible. Read how and why an attitude shift might be the perfect solution! #positiveattitude #attitudeiseverything

Gratitude can make us less self-centered and more open to hearing.  It can increase self-esteem, and make us more likeable by enhancing relationships, our personality, and our leadership skills.  Like any habit, after a few days of expressing gratitude it becomes natural and a part of your communication style.

As Oprah Winfrey once said “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Top tips to shift your attitude

Manage personal attitude by surrounding yourself with positive people and limit those that drain energy.  Read and consume articles, books, or podcasts that further support a positive outlook and attitude. 

Humans are electrical energy, we are emitting and receiving all the time.  This means we are able to attract to us what our current thoughts are giving out, in terms of people, thoughts, activities and so on. 

If you want positive people around you, and to have a constant stream of positive thoughts from within and from others, you have to set the scene by considering what you want to attract or repel.

Habits are key

Make it a habit to look for at least one positive aspect of any idea, solution, suggestion, or behavior before honing in on the negative aspects of why something will not work.  We all see the weak, negative unhelpful aspects of a person, thought, suggestion and idea easily.  Train yourself to see the positive first, maintaining balance and a realistic outlook.

Behaviour is driven by thoughtOur attitude impacts more than we realise. Not only can it affect those around us, but it can also hinder our chances for success. Shifting your attitude is possible. Read how and why an attitude shift might be the perfect solution! #positiveattitude #attitudeiseverything

All of us have mental patterns that lead to physical behaviour.  It is these patterns that cause us to repeat the same, further getting frustrated at ourselves for not succeeding, excelling, or doing, and sometimes even regretting the repetitive behaviour and result.  

Remember, what Albert Einstein said: “If you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!” 

Make a conscious effort to release the thought process – thank it for serving you, and let it go.  In letting go you make space for something new to move in, and what moves in is your choice.  The sooner you let go of the irritation, regret, frustration, the sooner it ends, giving the possibility to create a more meaningful pattern that will serve both you and others better.

Ask the deeper questions

If you still struggle to move on with this change and experience resistance, ask questions of yourself to promote the thinking and mood that you desire, avoiding self blame or blame of others.  In other words, looking for a reason that gives you a scapegoat. 

Excellent questions take you in the direction of finding your truth and depth of understanding, for example.  “Where am I at my best?”  “What do I want more of?”  “What do I need to learn from this situation?” 

Such questions are also invaluable when coaching others to excellent performance.  Finger-pointing never motivated anyone. Dipping into The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, giving a one-minute praising goes a long way to encouraging a positive attitude in yourself and in others.

And when that one-minute reprimand is needed, keep it in perspective and give it clearly, confidently and with sincerity, and then move on avoiding dwelling on the negative.



Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson - The One Minute Manager,

Simon Tyler - The Attitude Book

Rachel Shackleton is an entrepreneur who owns and manages Green Key Personal Development and Green Key Health. Working with local and multinational organisations, she is a public speaker and trainer in the spheres of leadership, communication and customer excellence. She ensures sustainable productivity and profitability through healthy self-management and leadership practices, ensuring a focused and successful workforce.





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