Rachel Shackleton

Rachel ShackletonRachel Shackleton 

With first hand experience of managing and leading teams through my career in the hotel industry and later my own company, I relate to business goals and the need to drive productivity, sustainability and profitability both on an individual basis and in the company as a whole.  

My motto and personal mission of “Grow-Develop-Inspire” has proved itself time and again in what I do whether running the company, speaking to audiences, unlocking potential through training, or developing myself.  We all have a place in this life and when in that place we are excited, passionate and excel at what we do.  If you are not enjoying what you do, change it!  Personal growth is available to all of us, the routes we choose might be different, but ultimately life is about growing, developing and inspiring yourself and others, to make those changes to be the best you can be by unlocking your inner potential.

From personal experience, I know that wellbeing is an essential foundation to self leadership  and self development, as it is to managing and leading others. You cannot grow and develop or inspire others if you are running on empty, overly stressed, and feeling life is out of control.   Wellbeing is fundamental to high-energy performance and longevity in business. 

What drives me to provide excellence in what I do?   The combination of my:

  • pragmatic nature 
  • inutition 
  • unique and worldly experience 
  • expertise 
  • energy
  • qualifications as a business trainer, speaker and health professional 

Additional qualifications:

Counselling Skills and Ethics Symbolon and Reflection assessor
Occupational Personality Assessor - OPQ Therapeutic Energy Kinesiologist DipTEK
Medical Herbalist & Naturopath DipHerb, DipNat Integrated Kinesiology Parctitioner DipKin